Renovating your house on a budget

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Home renovation is always an exciting work to do for most people. It’s fun to give your home a new look once in a while. It can be challenging at times though as you may spend much money on it, so be careful with your budget. Home renovation can rapidly get out of control depending on the areas you are working on.

But there are some ways to help you renovate your home within a reasonable budget, and here are a few:

1. Make a plan and stick with your budget

Before taking any action in renovating the house, it’s good to create a plan and list the items you plan to buy. You must set a specific budget you want to spend for the renovation, and must stick with it. It will be wise if you inquire at some stores to get quotes of the items you intend to buy.

In addition to this, you must also get quotations for materials and labor if needed. It’s recommended starting on a small budget first. You can adjust it as soon as you are done listing the items that you require, and got quotations.

You must also allocate some budget for unexpected expenses. You can’t avoid having additional unexpected costs, so you have to set an amount aside for that. Giving a 10% extra of your budget works in most cases.

2. Pay in cash

It’s wise and practical to pay for all the things that you need in renovation in cash. Make sure to secure your funds in cash before starting to buy the materials. This technique will help you save much of your money. Get rid of using credit cards or taking out a loan because you may end up paying high for the interest.

If you think you cannot afford yet to renovate your home, then the best thing to do is to save up. You can trim your expenses at home, and reschedule your renovation project. You can pursue it anytime your funds is available. On the other hand, you can buy the materials one at a time so you won’t get overwhelmed with the expenses.

renovating your home

3. Take your time

While the renovation of the house will be fun, it can also be daunting. To make a good and cohesive design of your home can be costly. It may require you to spend much money especially if you are going to buy all the materials all at once.

In the case that your money isn’t complete yet, you can begin renovating one or two rooms in your house first. It’s not a bad thing to wait for the best time to do the renovation whenever funds are available. This technique will help you estimate the budget you need to work for the remaining areas in your home.

It’s not wise to end up taking out a loan to finish your renovation project. Be consistent with your decisions in renovating your house so you won’t waste money and time doing it.

4. Try reusing old materials

Doing a house renovation does not always mean to use new items. The most excellent way to save money is to reuse old materials. For example, if you are renovating your kitchen, you can try reusing old appliances or your cabinetry. If they are still in good condition, there is no point of buying new ones. You may enhance the paint of your cabinetry, for sure it will look so good and fresh.

If you cannot reuse any items in your home, you still have the option to buy old fixtures from a salvage yard. There are a lot of materials available in salvage yards at reasonable prices. You can also spend the time to look for good deals at auctions.

Get a free consultation, call us at: 813-694-3560