Tampa, Florida

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Tampa is a city in Hillsborough County, Florida, United States. It is situated on the west part of Florida on beautiful Tampa Bay along Florida’s Gulf Coast. It is known as the major city in the Tampa Bay Area. The estimated population of the city in the year 2017 was 385,430.

Some of the best staycations in Florida can be had from Tampa, that’s for sure. In the Florida family of great places at a reasonable cost, Tampa ranks in one of the best positions. Cheaper than Miami or Orlando, the city often described as somehow industrial has managed to keep its charming little town side in places and can delight with its town planning and activities, both large and small.

Tampa City is a major business center and is famous for its cultural offerings and beautiful museums. One of the beautiful parks in the metropolitan area is the Busch Gardens. It is an African-themed amusement park with fantastic and thrilling rides with animal-viewing areas, too. The remarkable Ybor City neighborhood which was developed by Cuban and Spanish cigar-factory personnel in the 20th century is a popular dining and entertainment destination to enjoy the city at night.

The metropolitan was formerly called as the Tampa Town in the year 1849, but it was shortened as Tampa in the year 1855. The etymology of the City’s name is not clear though. According to the language of Calusa (an American tribe that once existed on the Southern part of Tampa Bay), Tampa could denote sticks of fire.

The origin of the word may be a reference to the various lightning strikes that Tampa gets during the smonths of summer. There were some historians who claimed that the name signifies the place to gather sticks. George R. Stewart, a Toponymist wrote that the name was the effect of miscommunication among the Indians and the Spanish which is ‘itimpi’ (an Indian term) which means simply ‘near it.’

The people from Tampa are commonly recognized as “Tampanians” or “Tampans”. The Local authorities referred by Michael Kruse of the Tampa Bay Times propose that “Tampan” was more common historically, while the other term, “Tampanian” became famous when the past term came to be perceived as a bit of rudeness.

Tampa, Florida

Tampa is the economic center of west central Florida. The area’s economy is based on health care, tourism, finance, technology, insurance, construction, professional sports, real estate and the maritime industry.

The partnership of Tampa City with various local, regional, and statewide organizations to uphold employment and a prosperous economy works very well. Among these organizations are the Tampa Bay Partnership and Tampa Bay & Company, and Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation.

The employees of Hillsborough County reached 922,000 last 2015. Many large corporations that include telecommunications companies and banks maintain regional offices in the city of Tampa.

From the year 2000 onwards, Tampa has seen a remarkable rise in high-market demand from various trades, indicating more prosperity coning to the city.

Tampa demonstrates wide-ranging architectural styles and construction designs. Many of Tampa’s tall buildings display a post-modern architecture. The city hall and theater of Tampa can brag of the Art Deco architecture, while Tampa Museum of Art was designed and renovated with post-modern architecture.

Tampa City’s local government prioritizes the residential development over the redevelopment of Tampa’s downtown. Many new residences have been built in recent years.

Channelside was approved currently to go through significant restorations by Jeff Vinik, the founder of Tampa Bay Lightning, in cooperation with other investors, where Bill Gates was one of those.

Renovation project plans include numerous museums such as the Tampa Museum of Art and the Glazer Children’s Museum.

Moreover, Tampa is the place of many stunning skyscrapers. Generally, there are approximately 18 finished buildings that stand over 250 feet or about 76 meters high. Tampa City has about 69 towers.

The tallest building in the metropolitan area is in North Tampa which is previously the AmSouth Building. This raises 42 floors and 579 feet or 176 meters in Downtown Tampa. The building was fully completed in 1992 which was recognized as the tallest building in Florida.

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